Search Syntax Cheat Sheet

Search Syntax Cheat Sheet

Navigate the Unreal Engine content browser like a pro and quickly find what you are looking for by using the Advanced Search Syntax.

Not familiar with using the search syntax? Check out my article where I go in-depth on explaining what syntax is and how to effectively utilize it. It's a must-have skill for any Unreal Engine developer!


The search syntax is made up of a key, an operator, and a value.

[ Key ] [ Operator ] [ Value ]


Keys are the guide of the argument.

Key Description Example Alt
Name Target the name of an asset. By default, the search field uses this key. Name = BP_Example
Path Target the file path. Note, this uses the content browser's file path. Path = "/Blueprints/Core"
Class Target the class/type of an asset. Class = Blueprint
Type = Widget
Collection Target the colelction/tag. Collection = ExampleCollection Tag
MetaData Target the metadata of any asset. Note, not all metadata is available for search. Triangles = 100


Operators are the logic of the argument.

Syntax Type Usage Example Alt
= Equal To Find an exact match. Name == BP_Example ==
!= Not Equal To Find all but. Name != BP_Example !:
< Less Than Find all less than the provided value. Triangles < 10000
<= Less Than or Equal To Find all less than or equal to the provided value. Triangles <= 10000 <:
> Greater Than Find all greater than the provided value. Triangles > 100
>= Greater Than or Equal To Find all greater than or equal to the provided value. Triangles >= 100 >:
& And Find this AND that. Triangles < 1000 && Triangles > 2000 AND
| Or Find this OR that. Name == ..._AC || Name == _SC OR
! Not Find not this. !BP_Example NOT
- Invert Find all but this. -BP_Example
+ Exact Find all that is exactly this. +BP_Example
... Starts With
Ends With
Find all that starts with or ends with this. BP_...

Note: While there are alternatives to the above syntax, I chose to just display the syntax that's appropriate for Unreal Engine via C++.


Values are the target of the argument.

Type Example Note
Boolean bHDR = true
bHDR = false
Do not use 0 or 1 to represent a boolean.
String Name = BP_Example
Name = "BP Example"
Use quotes if there is a space in the string.
Numeric Triangles > 10000 - Do not use commas
- Greater/lesser than subject to specific keys

Common Search Arguments

Here is a list of commonly used search arguments.


Usage Example
Find all by asset type +StaticMesh
Type = +StaticMesh
Find assets by partial string T_...


Usage Example
Find all blueprints Blueprint
Type = Blueprint
Find all blueprints that use a specific interface ImplementedInterfaces=BPI_Example
Find blueprints by number of components BlueprintComponents = 0

Static Meshes

Usage Example
Find all Static Meshes +StaticMesh
Type = +StaticMesh
Find all Static Meshes that need optimization Triangles > 10000 & LODs = 1
Find Static Meshes by Nanite state NaniteEnabled = true
NaniteEnabled = false
Find Static Meshes by Nanite percent NanitePercent = 50
NanitePercent > 50
NanitePercent < 50
Find Static Meshes with no LODs LODs = 1
Find Static Meshes by triangle count Triangles = 1000
Triangles > 1000
Triangles < 1000
Find all Static Meshes with a specific number of UV Channels UVChannels > 2
Find all Static Meshes with a specific number of material slots Materials > 2
Find all Static Meshes that use LODGroup presets LODGroup = LargeProp


Usage Example
Find all materials +Material
Type = +Material
Find all materials based on Material Domain MaterialDomain = Surface
MaterialDomain = Decal
MaterialDomain = UI
Find all materials based on Blend Mode BlendMode = Opaque
BlendMode = Masked
BlendMode =Translucent
Find all materials by Shading Model ShadingModel = Default
ShadingModel = Unlit
ShadingModel = Subsurface


Usage Example
Find all textures +Texture2D
Type = +Texture2D
Find all textures by dimension Dimensions = 2048
Find textures based on sRGB settings. sRGB = true
sRGB = false


  • Spaces between key, operator and value don't matter
  • Search is case insensitive
  • Type a space into a blank search field to see all possible keys
  • Combine searches by using the AND or OR operators
  • Only searches current AND subdirectories

Additional Resources

Advanced Search Syntax
A reference for advanced search syntax when performing searches in the Content Browser.

Change Log

04 Dec 2021 - Fixed a few typos
- Added a few static mesh examples
30 Nov 2021 - Added find all textures by dimension (Courtesy of Cameron Schulz)
22 Nov 2021 - Added common blueprint searches
21 Nov 2021 Published

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