Unreal Useful Keybinds

A collection of useful keybinds/shortcuts in Unreal Engine.

Acronym Definition
LMB Left Mouse Button
MMB Middle Mouse Button
RMB Right Mouse Button


Keybind Description
CTRL + S Save asset
CTRL + SHIFT + S Save all. Save often!
CTRL + P Quick open asset
CTRL + B Find asset in content browser
CTRL + Z Undo
CTRL + Y Redo
CTRL + A Select all
CTRL + C Copy selection
CTRL + X Cut selection
CTRL + W Duplicate selection
CTRL + V Paste selection
DELETE Delete selection
F2 Rename selection

Content Browser

Keybind Description
CTRL + Shift + N Create new folder
ENTER Open assets/folder
SPACE Preview Assets



Keybind Description
L + LMB Spawns a point light into the level at click location.
CTRL + ALT + Drag LMB Drag marquee select
CTRL + Shift + H Show/Hide FPS
ALT + P Start play in editor (PIE) session
ESC End play in editor (PIE) session

Bookmark Viewport Location

Keybind Description
0-9 Go to bookmarked location
CTRL + 0-9 Bookmark location

Note: Bookmarks are saved into the level asset.

Blueprint Viewport


Keybind Description
C Add comment box around selection
F7 Compile
HOME Focus on selection
LMB x2 Add reroute node on wire
ALT + LMB Disconnect wire
CTRL + Drag LMB Move wire
CTRL + F Open search


Keybind Description
CTRL + W Align selection to the top
CTRL + S Align selection to the bottom
CTRL + A Align selection to the left
CTRL + D Align selection to the right

Spawn Nodes

Keybind Description
B + LMB Spawn Branch Node
F + LMB Spawn For Each Loop Node
G + LMB Spawn Gate Note
M + LMB Spawn MultiGate Node
N + LMB Spawn Do N Node
O + LMB Spawn Do Once Node
P + LMB Spawn BeginPlay Node
S + LMB Spawn Sequence Node

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